AUDI AG Volunteer Day: pitching in together

On Audi Volunteer Day the company’s employees commit to helping social welfare organisations in the respective regions around the different production sites. This year, around 50 initiatives were actively supported at our Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites. However, Audi also promotes social responsibility beyond this one day.

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A bare wall at a day nursery? Outdated play equipment in a kindergarten? Or refugees who need help speaking German? More than 250 Audi employees, including numerous board members, plant managers and works council members, took part in AUDI AG’s Volunteer Day at the end of September. They all helped in social welfare institutions locally and, for the first time, digitally too, actively pitched in and passed on their knowledge.

At the nursery “Schatzkisterl” in Pörnbach, a team of Audi employees together with Sabine Maaßen, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources, created a mosaic wall.

At the nursery “Schatzkisterl” in Pörnbach, a team of Audi employees together with Sabine Maaßen, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources, created a mosaic wall.

With the support of the volunteers, for example, a colourful mosaic was created from broken tiles on a wall in the ‘Schatzkisterl’ day nursery in Pörnbach in the district of Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria.


The gardens of ‘Die Kleckse’ school kindergarten in Mosbach near Neckarsulm and of the Münsterkindergarten in Ingolstadt have now also been spruced up. And pupils from various refugee classes at the charitable social enterprise, Aufbaugilde Heilbronn, met Audi employees for an online language training session. There was also a wide variety of other commitments: from helping to build new play equipment and organising trips out for people with disabilities through to giving community organisations professional advice about their social media presence.

“Supporting others together – that shapes our culture.”

Sabine Maaßen, Board of Management Member for HR and Organisation, AUDI AG

We live responsibility

“Our employees’ personal engagement in society has always unified Audi’s workforce and made us strong. It’s a good thing that we should be very proud of. And it’s a firm part of our corporate culture,” says Sabine Maaßen, Board of Management Member for HR and Organisation at AUDI AG. Together and in the spirit of good neighbourliness, we practise corporate social responsibility at our production sites. Working with colleagues, Sabine Maaßen helped to make the outside area of the ‘Schatzkisterl’ nursery more attractive. As she explains:Volunteer Day is in line with our corporate citizenship understanding of being good neighbours. We live this at all our sites worldwide. The three areas of activity – ‘Engage’, ‘Educate’ and ‘Empower’ – provide us with a common direction. In this way we create the strategic framework within which community engagement tailored to the respective region can flourish.” The first pillar, ‘Engage‘, stands for helping with donations, social sponsorships and active support. The second pillar, ‘Educate’, includes, among other things, imparting specialist and language skills and ‘Empower’, as the third pillar, stands for helping people to help themselves, she concludes.

A football goal wall was renovated for the Ingolstadt Montessori school.

A football goal wall was renovated for the Ingolstadt Montessori school.

The powerful effect of the activity day reaches far beyond the Audi Volunteer Day itself. Thanks to the commitment of Audi employees, important social issues are coming more to the fore throughout the company.


Seeing the bigger picture strengthens social sensitivity. Cross-departmental collaboration, whether on-site or digitally, fosters team spirit and contributes to a positive corporate culture.

“Audi employees can do more than just build cars. They can also grind, drill and dig. No matter what we need doing, they all help such a lot.”

Michaela Späth, Head of the ‘St Anna’ day care centres

“It’s the team concept that is paramount. That Audi employees are out and about together in the region and doing good.”

Peter Mosch, Chairman of the General Works Council of AUDI AG

Exchange platform for voluntary roles

Audi continues to develop opportunities for all Audi employees to volunteer in the community. That’s why the company will, in future, be providing a digital exchange platform that will make it even easier to search for and find volunteering opportunities for employees and community organisations.


The aim is to further develop Audi’s self-image as a good corporate citizen and to deepen identification with the regions where our sites are located. And this does not only apply on Volunteer Day: whole departments also regularly get involved in team activities in and for social welfare institutions.


This shared understanding of corporate citizenship is lived internationally at all production sites. One example of many: the common commitment during the coronavirus crisis in which Audi helped with donations worldwide.


In line with its corporate citizenship strategy, the company also regularly supports social welfare institutions with donations and is a social sponsor of regional sports and culture.

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Employees & Society

Corporate citizenship – social responsibility

Audi assumes responsibility – far beyond the Company’s boundaries. We demonstrate a strong social commitment at all of our sites and we want to do what we can to help each individual region continue to develop.

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